Saturday, August 13, 2016

#VirtualVacation: Chaperoning in Canada

From camping in Canada to hiking in the Swiss Alps to fine dining in the Big Apple, GSCTX Girl Scouts are on the move this summer going on whirlwind ADVENTURES! Follow along on their journey here on the Cookie Bites Blog and our other social media platforms! Chaperone Miranda S. talks about why she decided to volunteer on the Canada trip and her advice to parents! 

Full Circle Scouting 
As a young girl all of my travel came from Girl Scouting and now that I am an adult and have a troop of my own, someday I want to expose them to the world of scouting. By being a co-chaperone will help get my feet wet to share new experiences with my girls in the guiding world. I liked the opportunity for this trip because it was older girls, different from my Brownie troop and gives me the chance to meet other leaders from other countries, experience Canadian culture and learn about the people and places you visit. 

Count on Your Chaperones
As an adult chaperoning trips it helps you stay prepared for each trip after that. You know for next time to bring twice as many SWAPs, more warm clothes and lots of rain gear. You take each trip with a grain of salt and use those experiences to turn a negative into a positive and make sure that the program and event the girls came for is what you can help provide for them. My advice to parents is to trust that the chaperones have your daughter's best interest at heart and that they can help your daughter to challenge herself more than parents can, so give them an opportunity to do so. You never know what your scout can do until you give her the chance to do it. Every parent has that scary moment about their daughter traveling that something big could happen along with the little things, does she have enough clothes, did she brush her hair etc. The scout will never learn to brush her own teeth or eat her own food until she has the option to make the choices for herself. Chaperones keep your scouts safe and healthy with the promise to encourage challenges and positive actions along the way. 

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