Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Leader is Special Because...

Girl Scout leaders are the unsung heroes of the Girl Scout movement!  They work tirelessly to make sure our girls are learning, growing and, most of all, having fun as a Girl Scout!  Each year around the nation we celebrate these amazing women (and men) on April 22, the official Girl Scout Leader Appreciation day.  This year we polled girls to find out what they think is special about their leader.  Below you will find some of their answers.  As you can see their reasons are can be silly, fun, and heartwarming.  The common thread is that the girls recognize that the leader is the person that makes the experience one that they will remember!  Thank you, troop leaders for all you do! 

My Leader is special because…

(About a college student that is their leader)
…She has endless patience. – GS Junior
…She has good style! – GS Junior
…She is really really beautiful! – GS Junior
…She is funny and cool! – GS Brownie
…She works very hard to help all of us! – GS Junior
…She can take care of us. – GS Junior
…She is awesome and fun. – GS Brownie

(About a Troop leader/Cookie mom)
…She works very hard and lets us do stuff at her house – GS Junior
…She can be very serious and fun! – GS Junior
…She knows how to get stuff done! – GS Cadette
…She is the best cookie mom ever – GS Junior
…She is funny and fun to hang around with and the BEST cookie mom ever! – GS Junior
…She is fun, funny and the BEST cookie mom ever because she is sooo encouraging and teaches us new things! – GS Cadette

(About a Troop leader/Treasurer)
…She is great and nice and funny.   – GS Brownie
…She makes really great animal impressions – GS Junior
…She has a funny personality and is also AWESOME! – GS Junior
…She is sooo kind! – GS Brownie
…She is really kind and sweet! – GS Junior
…She keeps track of our troop money and helps us know how to use it like budgets and plans and stuff. – GS Cadette

(About a Troop leader/Mentor)
…She is the one that keeps things going and teaches us so many wonderful things. I think we appreciate her more than she knows.  GS Cadette
…She puts in a lot of work, goes out of her way to help us and makes things fun and interesting.  - GS Junior 
…She is smart, kind and funny. - GS Junior
…Today is her birthday and she is here, she goes on every trip, and she is appreciated. - GS Junior
…She chose to be our troop leader and it takes a special person to lead a troop of girls. - GS Junior
…GS Junior says, "My leader is a great leader because she is fun and humble and knows a lot about Girl Scouts." Mom says: I think by modest she means more like humble because [the leader] was saying last night, "Don't write stuff about me on the board, just [about the other leaders]." 

Please take a minute today and often throughout the year to tell your Troop Leader why she is special to you.  It will make all the difference to her!! 

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