Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kyndal and Samantha Miethke: Helping Kids Keep a Colorful Outlook

Sometimes, the simplest gestures are the ones that make the biggest difference. This is something Kyndal Miethke and her twin sister Samantha learned when Kyndal was in the hospital facing her own health issues --brain surgery and now thyroid surgery.

Kyndal's Girl Scout troop presented her with a cut-and-tie blanket while she was hospitalized, a simple token to keep  her warm and cheer her up. What it did for her though went beyond it's initial purpose--the blanket ignited an idea: making colorful blankets for other kids in the hospital.

"The rooms in the hospital are actually not as colorful... they’re pale and pastel colors, so most of the blankets we make are bright and colorful. Whenever you put them in the room and you actually look at it and your eye meets the wall, it is a complete difference, " she said.

Kyndal knows what a difference it made to have that bright blanket with her while she was in a drab room.

"She told us that she thinks her cancer is a gift from God so that she can understand how other kids feel, so she can go on to help them,” says mother, Sonja Miethke.

The sisters have organized parties where girls get together to cut and tie the ends of the blankets they'll later distribute at the hospital. Together, they've assembled over 200 blankets!

Kyndal has her off days for sure, but no matter the challenge she is facing, she always shows courage. And it's always better when her sister, Samantha to provide her with the strength, love and companionship she needs.

Kyndal and Samantha Miethke are examples of courage, confidence and character and we couldn't be more proud of them.

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