Thursday, April 18, 2013

Killeen Workplace for Women Spotlight - HEB

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H-E-B Grocery Company (Central Texas Region) is known for honouring the accomplishments of their women in the workplace. H-E-B supports and encourages their female employees to work their way up through the company and honors their accomplishments along the way through their own “Women of Distinction”. The company also encourages them to go out into the community and represent the culture that they have found within the H-E-B Grocery Company (Central Texas Region). Many women excel in this workplace environment as evidenced by all the women to be found in leadership roles within the company. However, few realize that many of these women started out their careers as cashiers or baggers. H-E-B Grocery Company (Central Texas Region) provides the perfect culture and opportunities for women to succeed in business.

For more information on this year's Women of Distinction events, visit our website. 

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