Thursday, March 7, 2013

San Angelo Women of Distinction Spotlight - Susan Woods

Susan Woods
Susan Woods was born and raised in San Angelo, Texas. She graduated from San Angelo Central High School and then went on to study business at Angelo State University. She is married to Mark and has two daughters.

Susan is well known throughout the community of First Presbyterian Church for leading a collaboration with the county jail to provide Christmas presents and Easter baskets for inmates to give to their children. She has worked tirelessly with the Chaplain of the Tom Green County Jail Ministry and her church to make this program possible. Susan coordinated the collection of gifts and essential clothing, the packaging of the items, and the delivery of the gifts to inmates children during the holidays.   Susan’s passion and dedication have had a great impact on many in her community when they see how she gives so much of her time and energy to those in need.

Susan is also very active and passionate about House of Faith. She serves on the Board of Directors and volunteers for its Backyard Bible Club. The Backyard Bible Club organizes groups of young children who interact for three hours a week, under adult supervision.  Susan has helped lead groups for more than 12 years. She is known for never missing a day and making it her goal to make each and every child she works with feel special. It is evident that Susan has a passion for helping people, whether by providing extra clothing for children at Lamar Elementary, or meals for the elderly.  Susan has completed more than 720 hours of volunteering in the past 15 years for Meals for the Elderly alone. Susan is known for working  under the radar and never seeking recognition for her tireless efforts, but everyone knows she is the person to turn to when the community is in need.  Susan exemplifies the character that Girl Scouts seeks to build in its members and she serves as a shining example of what one person can accomplish.

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