Thursday, January 17, 2013

Your Input Affects the Future of GSCTX Properties

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A Long Range Property Committee has been activated, including local volunteers and GSUSA personnel, to determine the future of all GSCTX properties, including program centers, scout houses, and camps. As part of the process, the committee wants to know what the local Girl Scouts truly want in their programs and properties.

Therefore, the committee developed a survey via Survey Monkey. This survey includes questions on current and future usage of all facilities, as well as program goals for our Girl Scouting Program. A random sampling of girls and adults was used, including girls of all program age levels. Those randomly chosen were sent the survey via email addresses. For those without email addresses, a postcard was sent with the contact information.

If you received this survey, please complete it as your opinion counts! In order to guarantee randomness, only those receiving the request may complete the survey. Younger girls will need parental assistance and approval in completing their portion, but their opinions will be considered. The survey has a deadline date of February 8, 2013. If not enough surveys are returned, a second list will be developed at that time, to insure adequate input from membership.

Thanks for your participation, The Long Range Property Committee


  1. So only people *randomly selected* get input on our properties???

    Why not put up an on line survey and let all members of GSCTX give their input?

    -julie wiedemeier

  2. Julie,

    I'm not sure if anyone has responded to you, as I have been out-of-pocket for a while, so here is my response.

    The survey was sent out "randomly" to insure a good selection of responses. If the survey were placed "on line" we did not have a way of insuring that only registered scouts completed the survey, and that they completed the survey only once each. This avoids multiple issues. It also helps making the job of tallying the responses manageable, after all we are all volunteers.

    Also, our random generator was used to insure that an equal percentage of all age levels were given the opportunity to participate in the survey.

    There will be a vision workshop (probably held late March to early April) which all members will be invited to attend and provide input. Also, at any time you are welcome to submit comments and concerns to the Long Range Property Planning Committee at Please let us know any concerns you have.

    Thanks for your interest,

    Lisa DeWeese
    LRPP Committee