Friday, October 15, 2010

Girl Scouts Rock the Grand Canyon!

grandcanyonThis past June 10-year-old Madison R. took an eight day trip along with her troop to the Grand Canyon! Traveling in a charter bus, the girls kept themselves busy with different activities such as making postcards for those back home. They even got to take some time to learn more about the Indians’ culture by studying their history along with sampling some unique food. Madison tried blue corn muffins, popcorn and tanka bites, which are dried buffalo meat and berries. She loved the tanka bites so much that she continued to eat them long after the other girls had fallen asleep on the bus.

Madison’s troop made several stops along the way in order to take advantage of all the historic and scenic sites in their path. Her favorite site was Carlsbad Caverns, where she was able to view the ‘King’s Palace’ room. Madison particularly enjoyed this room due to its realistic, yet creative setting. The room was set up like a palace, but everything in it was made from a part of the caverns.

The girls eventually arrived at their destination -- the Grand Canyon! From first glance, Madison explains she felt very small in comparison to this historic national park. She was in awe of the landscape and amazed to learn about the formation of it. Madison and her troop visited different areas of the canyon in several ways. They were able to travel using jeeps and even mules! One of their activities included a treasure hunt where their goal was to identify as many different rock formations as possible so they could scratch it off their list. They were not only able to have fun experiences such as this one, but her troop was also able to earn badges in the process!

Madison believes this trip helped her in many ways. It was her first big trip away from her parents and while she missed them, it helped her see that it wasn’t so bad to go on a trip without them. Her troop also played a large role in planning for the trip and because of its success; Madison is excited to start planning their next trip to Kansas City! Madison is a prime example of the ways many Girl Scouts take these unique opportunities available to them and come away from them with the courage, confidence and character to do more great things in the future! Great job, Madison and Troop 781! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

For comments or questions on planning a troop trip of your own, please contact Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

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