Thursday, August 26, 2010

Girl Scout Alumna Visits Council

alumnae 004Yesterday former Girl Scout Wanda Rowena Smith, 88, visited the Kodosky Program Center. Wanda presented GSCTX with a very special gift, her 1931 Girl Scout uniform. Adorned with vintage patches and an infectious sense of pride, GSCTX staffers and CEO Etta Moore gathered to admire this piece of Girl Scout history. As I heard Wanda tell her story, I couldn’t help but observe her devotion and passion for the organization she credits rewarded her with experiences she will never forget. GSCTX is eternally grateful to Wanda for her kind donation and for sharing her inspiring story with us. Please read Wanda’s letter below.

Dear Girl Scout friends:

alumnae 007As I begin to enumerate and describe the many benefits and thrills Girl Scouting has given me, I know that I shall forget some; though I realize the ever-present influence of this character-building organization. Girl Scouts has, by its many branches, stimulated an interest in me for almost every field of work; though I do not like to call it work, for Girl Scout sisters and I have learned to enjoy work since we are doing something for others. Our overnight, day hikes and camp life have afforded opportunities to work and call it play. The greatest benefit I have received from Girl Scouting is the provision of many lively, educational and healthful activities to help divert my soul, mind and body from unwholesome ones. It has served as a marker along the road of life and helped lead me straighter. How I do wish that more girls would become and remain true Girl Scouts and give themselves an opportunity to know the world better. I honestly believe that when I joined Girl Scouts at the age of nine, I was becoming a member of the most enlightening and helpful organizations.

Wanda Rowena Smith

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